Can’t Fight The Moonlight


I have always thought of Peru when I listen to this song.

A lady who is sitting in front of me is having cheese bagel.

Speaking of which, i cannot do bagel and cheese together, for whatever twisted taste reason. I remembered having one in London and yet my theory of bagel for myself was proven. I could not handle bagel.

My train of thoughts went to the specific place on earth, Rome. I ran across the airport because we were late and reason being was because i wanted a cup of coffee. And the history repeated itself in Jogjakarta recently. I should mentally note that, it’s okay not to have coffee for that day when your flight is waiting for you.

Why Ed Sheeran does not produce a song as good as Thinking Out Loud this year?

The girl who patiently waits


It was my idea to check out new San Francisco outlet after having hearty lunch with the girl who patiently waits. Above so many topics can be talked about, I consciously chose to open a topic about procrastination that I recently read on the internet. Internet can do so many things to our mind be it good or bad. The chosen topic was addressed well by the girl who patiently waits.

I bet none of you want to know the details on my reading but are more curious about the girl who patiently waits.

She waits for a blessed miracle, the one(s), with Allah’s will, will be her strengths in this world and hereafter, the one(s) that will become her source of pahala that she’ll carry on her shoulder till the moment she’ll be facing the One and Only, ever living, Allah swt.

I wish nothing but the best for her and hopefully all the waiting will reduce the distance in the heart between her and the god.

They say, love traverse space and time, well prayers can too.

Ps: by the way girl who patiently waits, I lied about believing halfheartedly on the comfortable silence. I always believe there’ll be one in millions that can actually and really understand her. I believe two people can actually sit there and talk about nothing at all but the presence alone can make the heart warmer.

For a while” is a phrase whose length can’t be measured.At least by the person who’s waiting.”
― Haruki MurakamiSouth of the Border, West of the Sun

“Waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainty, to carry within oneself the unanswered question, lifting the heart to God about it whenever it intrudes upon one’s thoughts.”
― Elisabeth Elliot


The clumsy me forgot to save what i did write and nothing, none can be tracked down. I feel like screaming because i wrote a lot weh.

Arghhh. I even penned a paragraph about alexander in NOT hyperbolic way, opposing to the kind i usually described him such as he is as good looking and charm and sweet as zac efron- i know A or N, stop eye-rolling i can see it even if you were wearing sunglasses.

To sum it up, I mentioned a bit on how he actually inspires me, career-wise, due to some reasons that i discincline to re-write it all.


Okay sambung.

Internet macam lembab kan. Grrr

And bus is waiting.


Rama-Rama, Ella, turns out to be having almost accurate words to depict what i feel towards a certain someone. far from the eyes, but close in my prayer. insyaa Allah.

Ekspresi dirimu menawan hatiku
Ingin aku terbang bersamamu

Good bye now. your memories are in peace. 🙂

not cool vol.2

what’s with the mobile blogging these days?

i am pretty sure i wrote more than few words than the one you could see in the previous post and being such a half-illiterate in IT and currently am wrapped in indolent mood, i will not delete that post. that’s going to be there.

hi N! welcome to this monotonous or at times, might be a tad too enthusiastic given circumstances cyberspace of mine. are you ready to pick up on my long-winded thoughts? =)

well, highlight for today. i buzzed a friend to listen to Goo Goo Doll’s Iris with inference she knew that famous song, only to unexpectedly discover that she was not aware of that one particular song. hmm…lesson learnt; just because you are in awareness of something does not mean others are too. i’m not going into elaborate details of how much Iris means to me because it does not but, surely precipitated to certain points of my life when i was little kid. those vid clips from ntv7 early days. one of those good old days.

what else
what else
what else

none. till then.